Love The Underdog Tennis Trading Method
Your About To Find Out Why Tennis Trading Could Be Classed as a Traders "Dream".

Tennis – Could it be classed as the Dream Trading environment.

  • Plenty of liquidity (“Live” games for sure…And there are plenty of them)

    plenty of liquidity

  • Predictable odds (First set especially)
    predictable odds

  • Just two players to research (Easy when you know how)
    Two Players

  • Plenty of time to trade (Even within games)
    Plenty of time to trade

  • Plenty of opportunities (To trade on each player).

  • Plenty of games (Nearly every day all of the year).
    Starting Soon

  • Matches during the day and evening.

    Evening Matches
This is why tennis matches can be so popular to trade.

Let me explain a little more…

Nearly every week of the year (except December) there is a new Tournament starting…

…But often this can be as many as 2 or even 4 tournaments because you will have Woman’s and Men’s tournaments.

Tennis all over the world

These tournaments generally last 1 week (Gran Slams last two weeks).

Normally the busiest time is Monday through to Thursday where most rounds are played...

...And then it tapers off as we get to the quarter, semi and then finals (normally on Sunday).

Tournaments are played all around the world, so it is unusual not to find some matches in just about every time zone.

And so, if you can not trade during the day then you should be able to during the evening.

As I said a “Dream” traders sport.

The other thing about Tennis is the “Ebb and Flow” of the odds.
Ebb and Flow of the game

Graphs like this are not unusual.

Even when they are not this bad you will often see 5 to 10 tick movement up and down within just one serve game.

Meaning there are plenty of opportunities to get a trade.

Let’s look at some common questions you may have about tennis trading.

Q. Don’t I need to know about the players and their form?

A. There is no doubt “Knowledge is power” in any sport when it comes to picking a winner (or loser) …

…But in the "Love Underdog Tennis Trading Method" that I am about to share with you, we don’t care who wins or loses.

QDo we need pre-match research?

A.  Yes, a little but it will take about 60 seconds and it is only to make sure we have not picked a totally uneven match-up.

QDoesn’t tennis move fast?

A.  That question seems to come up a lot but it is just not true.

Ok, it’s not like pre-trading a horse race 1 hour before the off where you can wait 10 mins to be matched…

…But at the same time, it's not that frantic either.

Even in between points there is more than enough time to get your trades matched.

QThere doesn’t seem to be much liquidity on the matches?

A.  If you look at a lot of matches before the start, then you will often see small amounts of money…

…That’s because most of the money gets matched in-play.

Look out for matches with “Live” video and you will see that there is plenty of money being matched for the average punter.

Q Don’t I need special software to trade tennis?

A.  My honest opinion is that all trading is easier with “Ladder Software” but in this case, you can do without it.

In fact when I demonstrate this method to people I normally do it using the Betfair website.

There are advantages to using software but in this case speed in not necessarily one of them.

So with that all out the way I am guessing you are thinking you can just head off over to the next tennis match and have a go.


Although I wish I could say it was that easy I would be wrong to suggest it is.

Well, it is when you know what to look out for and how to do it.

Introducing the “Love The Underdog Tennis Trading Method” 

Free Tennis Trading Method

One of the complaints I hear a lot about trading courses is that they give you so many different methods and ideas that it causes confusion and overwhelm.

I have actually spoken with people who have spent £250 on a course and not used it once!

So instead of flooding you with this idea and that idea...

...I have taken just one Amazing Tennis Trading idea and concentrated on this method only.

This is what you are going to get...

  • A detailed PDF giving you all the information about the method and how it can be used.

  • A training video which gives you the full method of how to select matches and what you should look for.

  • Live video examples of me actually choosing Tennis matches and trading them live.
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And you are going to get all this for: 

Just £47.99
(Limited Copies available).

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This is amazing value when you think of what you could earn with this method.

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