For those Traders That Want Something A Little Different!

How Too Take 5 Ticks from Most Races Using This Simple Lay-To-Back Trading method.

No complex selections and no need for daily tips.

Just a simple method that makes 5 ticks trading easy.

How simple?

Read on to find out…

Most people when they start trading “back” first and then “lay” for the trade.

It makes sense.

Because if anything goes wrong then the worst you can do is lose your original stake.

Although on the face of it, it does make sense…

…When it comes to trading, "laying first" has some advantages.

It may not be as risky as you may first think.

If we talk about trading before the off...

...Then (bar anything going wrong with your internet connection or Betfair) the risks are the same as backing first.

You are just taking the opposite side of the trade that you are used to.

The main benefit of "lay first" is that at the crossover price points…
(Where the tick values change)

You can gain more profit than you will lose for the same amount of ticks.

An example is at the price of 4.00

Anything above goes up by 0.1 points anything below goes down by 0.05 points.

So, if you lay first and the price goes up you will make more profit quicker than you will lose if it goes down against you.

As you can see in the example below.

Lay To Back tick profit
You can see that 5 ticks above 4.0 (4.5) is worth 0.37 whereas 5 ticks below (3.75) would only lose 0.16.

But there is an area where lay-to-back can be far more risky…

…Where is that?


Or is it?

Firstly...Yes on some races it is totally risky and they should be avoided at all costs.

But when you know the exact races to trade on...Then in-play trading becomes a really good place to trade.

And that is where you can pick up a quick 5 tick’s profit quite easily.

It happens so often…

…If you pick:

The Best Race, The Best Runner and the Best Time To Execute the Trade.

And that is what I want to share with you in this Back-To-Lay method.

Think about this…

What’s the best that can happen for a runner when it starts a race?

The answer is:

That it runs true to expectations right from the go.

The Lay-To-Back method shows you how to pick runners that are unlikely to run to form.

In fact, you can probably find at least 10 runners a day that won’t start the races as expected and allow you to make an easy 5 ticks.

What if it goes wrong.

On the odd occasion it doesn’t work then you just trade out quickly for a small loss and move onto the next selection.

Although in-running sounds frantic…

…It actually isn’t when you pick the correct races and runners.

I know because I have tested this method on over 100 selections and learned exactly what (and more importantly) what doesn’t work.

Often though you won't even have to go In-Play.

The runners you pick using the Lay-to-back method will often go out 5 ticks before the race even goes in-play.

With the Lay-To-Back Method you get: 

  • Full method breakdown in PDF Format.

  • 4 Videos showing the exact technique that you can use on nearly every race every day.

  • The exact information on how to select the runner.

  • The exact time to place the trade.

  • The 5 tick strategy that could work 99% of the time on most UK races.

To make things easy this is a “One Method” product.

It deals specifically with one way to trade with no deviation from the method.

The 5 steps include

Step 1) Identifying the market (There are some races you must avoid at all costs but I show you how to select the best races.)

Step 2) Selecting the runner that is best to trade on. (I make selecting the right runner easy for you. You will learn exactly what to look for each time.)

Step 3) Timing your trade depending on the race. (Getting this part right is crucial for your success and I explain in detail how to get this part right everytime.)

Step 4) Setting the trade up so it works 99% of the time. (This part is so essential but I make it easy for you to do).

Step 5) Creating a stop loss just for the odd occasion when it goes wrong (We want to keep all losses to a minimum and I show you exactly how to that in the Lay-To-Back method).

It’s all delivered to you in a member’s area.

Before we go on I want to make sure this method will suit you.

1) Have you traded before?

If not...I am concerned about showing this method to someone who hasn't traded.

Unless you have some idea of trading you could get into trouble.

At this time, maybe the "Favourites Trading Method" would be better for you.

2) Do you understand what a "Lay" bet trade is?

Although we are not laying a horse in the true sense of the word we are still risking (in most cases) more than our stake.

I just want you to be sure that you understand that if you lay a horse at 3.00 (3.00-1) for £10 then your risk is £20.

The Lay-to-Back method is not about risking your whole stake but I have to tell you anyway.

3) Have you ever done in-play trading?

Although when you select the correct races it is really not that frantic as you would expect.

I do want you to understand that most of the profit for this system will be made in the first 30 seconds (or sooner) during the in-play market.

4) Do you have trading software like Bet Angel or Geeks Toy (or any other trading software)?

To use this method you will need some kind of trading software. Betfair's own "Auto Trade" is not reliable or fast enough to rely on it in-play.

If you haven't got any software you can get it on trial for 14 days.

Bet Angel

Geeks Toy

5) No refunds.
I want you to understand that this a "Non-Refundable" Purchase.

If you prefer not to purchase because of this then please don't.

The above is just to make sure that you have a good understanding of what to expect from the product.

Ready to order?

The Lay-To-Back Method.
£47 today
when you purchase today

 By ticking this checkbox you agree with the following statement.
I understand this is a one-off charge. I understand this is a gambling method that comes with no guarantees it will work for me. Because of this I also understand that it is a "Non-Refundable" purchase and that I paying for you to give me the daily Favourites Trading Method with no guarantees that I can get similar results to those shown in information and results provided. You also agree to the T & C's and that you wish to continue. 
If you wish to see how we use your details you can see our Privacy Policy here.

 We do not normally use Paypal so If you would prefer to use PayPal then please send £47 to mentioning that you are purchasing the "LTB Method" please allow us a little time to set up your members account when using PayPal.

How much can I make?

It’s always difficult to be specific with trading profits and a lot depends on the price of the runner, how successful the trade is etc…

…But this should help.

On most days there are 20 or more races (sometimes 30 or 40) and more on Saturdays.

Although using this method you could trade 70% of these let’s say you traded just 10 a day (I show you how to identify the best ones).

The average profit should be around 5% (Sometimes more).

If you added 3% on your winnings onto your stake after each win…

…Then you could go from staking £2.00 to staking £34 and making over £10 a day in less than 15 days of trading…

…Even throwing in a couple of days when you didn’t make anything (Which is very rare if you follow this method exactly).

I started with £2 trades and got to £5 trades in 3 days and I am continuing to use this method (Among others that I have) to build up my stakes.

What size bank do you need?

This is laying (but not gambling we should never get close to losing our whole stake) so we need to be able to cover prices of up to about 6.00

We don’t really want to go that high and it is rarely we do but that would mean we need at least £10 to cover the maximum trade price.

If you use the trade plan, then your bank should increase along with your stakes to continue to allow you to cover the liability.

Of course, when you start off mistakes can be made and you could lose more than you were expecting which could leave you without enough capital to cover a small trade…

…So make sure you have a big enough bank that you can afford to lose because you may need some extra just in case.

I know this method won't be for everyone but for if you are one of those that feel this could be an amazing method to add to your "Trading Toolbox" then you are not going to regret it.

Until Next Time.



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