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How to go from £2 stakes to £400 stakes in 92 days or less using the "Cash Out" Trading Method.

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I must admit that I get a little peeved when people comment on trading and say things like…

“All that risk for such a small profit”
“All that work for such small returns”

To me this shows a lack of understanding of how trading works and how profitable it can be if you do it properly.

Yes I agree that profit is small compared to stake size but those small returns can add up to big profits very quickly with successful trades.

But people who make these comments are also missing one vital point.

And that is:

As traders we never risk our whole stake.

In fact, we generally don’t even risk half of it.

We can get out of a trade at any time and still when things go really well we can make a lot of profit for very small stakes.

Check out this video here:

The trick (if you can call it that) to trading is to come up with a number of ideas (like I show in BTCOM and the Trade Targeting Software) to select runners that will move in price before the off or in-play.

To be successful at “Cash Out” trading (or any trading) you need two things.

1. Patience. It can sometimes take a while for the trade to unfold.
2. Tolerance. You have to know when you got it wrong and just trade out knowing there is another one just around the corner.

When I first started teaching people to “Cash Out” trade I realised that these two issues cause a lot of people to stop and give up on trading…

…Which is why I created the “92 day trade plan”.

The idea is you start off with really small stakes (£2 being the minimum) but increase them after one or more successful trades.

There are actually a couple of ways you can run the plan especially as the stakes increase.

Make one trade to get the profit you need to move onto the next trade value…

…Or a number of smaller trades that add up.

So let's say we had reached £10 a trade and we needed to make £1.00  because we were working on a 10% of our stake profit margin.

We could just pick one trade and put the whole £10 on and try to trade out at £1 or we could find several trades and maybe stake only £3 trying to make 30p or more a trade.

Once those trades add up to £1 we can move on to the next value.

I actually prefer the second method because it gives you a great opportunity to try out a number of different trades which can only add to your skill set…

…But if I am pretty certain about a trade then I will go for just the one.

So why 92 trades?

When I put this in a spreadsheet (Which comes free with all my trading products) I found that if you started with £2 stakes and just tried to make 5% of your stake on each trade (10p on £2 stakes)….

…Then after 92 successful trades, you could be making £8.48 per trade and £254 per month based on one trade a day.

If you want to go a little higher to say 6% a trade then Trade 92 will be for £401 and £24.10 a trade and £723 a month.

Many people come in starting with larger trades of £5, £10 or more to try and speed up the process.

Although I can see the reason behind it I think starting at £2 teaches you the patience (and Tolerance) you are going to need throughout your trading career.

In the scheme of things 92 trades is not that many and it’s not unusual for some people to do 5 or more trades a day.

Which means you could reach that level in less than 20 days (if all goes to plan).

When starting out I suggest you stick with trading before the off or before races go in-play.

There are a number of strategies you can use to find selections that offer this kind of trade from “Dead certs” to “Unsure Markets”.

Once you become more confident you can look for before the off to in-play trades and even BSP to in-play trades.

But when you start out stick to before the off trading.

Keep your stakes low and your trade percentages to a sensible level and you will find that you will just get better at finding profitable trades.

Cash Out trading can be run during the day or most evenings when there is a late race card.

There are plenty of opportunities everyday to find trades that could make you a profit.

Watch my YouTube channel and Facebook page where I often put up videos of my own trades.

If you want to start somewhere then The Betfair “Cash Out” method would be a good place.

It now has over 17 videos in it’s archives as well as the 92-day trade plan and the daily trade selections.

If you want a little more help, then the Trade Targeting Software may be a better choice but it is really for those that are more willing to go in-play although there are strategies for before the off as well.

It’s simple to use colour coded selections allow you to target potential trades more easily. 
It comes with over 39 videos (New ones are added frequently)  5 trade types you can use and the 92-day trade plan.

For those that want more detail and information at their fingertips then the Dob Software could be exactly what you are looking for.

This highly praised software allows you to find in-play trades easily and is also useful for those wanting to do Hob Trades.

Users also use the software to find selections to back and lay.

It’s a versatile piece of software that runs in any browser.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Until Next Time
The "Cash Out" Guy.

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