You Are About To Find Out Why Trading Favourites Is a "Must Know" Scalable Trading Method...

Why would you want to trade on favourites?

Well, you wouldn't want to trade on all favourites...

...But there are plenty every day that you can select for a positive trade.

The trick is to know which ones to take on and which ones to avoid. 

My fascination with favourites started many years ago when I tried out different way's of betting on them to try and make a profit.

You have heard the saying...

"There is no value in favourites".

Well, when you have tried every way you can think of to make a profit from straight backing or laying them...

...Then you tend to agree.

When I started to learn to trade some years ago, again I was drawn to favourites.

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But this time I didn't have to worry about if they won or lost...

...I only needed the price to move in the right direction to make a profit.

That's when I started to put together a full method showing you how to find the selections and how to trade them.

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That's what the "Favourites Trading Method" is all about.

Showing you clearly which runners you should choose to carry out a 10 tick trade.

Why a 10 tick trade?

10 ticks on average is about 6% of your trading stake which I think is a sweet spot when it comes to trading.

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If you started with just £2.00 stakes and carried out 92 successful 6% trades then you could be trading with £401 and making the equivalent of £723 a month (Based on one trade a day).

92 trades later

Of course, I am not saying you will win every trade and sometimes you may take a couple of steps backwards...

...But it shows you what is possible.

Generally, you will aim for about 5 trades per day chosen from the list of daily selections I give you.

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You may be successful on all 5 (Which takes you further up the 92 trade ladder) or you may only end up winning the equivalent of 10 ticks (1 trade)...

...But it will still be moving you up the 92 trade ladder.

Once you have read the manual and watched the first 3 introduction videos you will have a great understanding of why and how the Favourite Trading Method works.

Inside the Favourites Trading Method.

Inside the serivce you will find

This product is now open and more videos are being added every day which means the price will go up soon.

The Favourite Trading Method will show you exactly why you should trade favourites.

...How to pick the best ones and how to take advantage of the price movements.

I will also show you how you can do this with the "Cash Out" button and also with Trading Software.


The Favourites Trading Course
  • Full Method (Video and PDF).

  • Special Daily Tip selections (Specially selected favourites). 

  • Video Course (Including recorded live trading). 

  • 92 trade plan (How to go from small stakes to large in just 92 trades).

  • Daily Price Movement tool (See what favourites are on the move).

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Full 365 day's access and special daily selections.

Just £67.00

Favourites Trading Method
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Let me know if you have any questions.

Q. Why do I need to re-new every 3 months?
A. You don't. If you have learned enough from the videos and the report and you are happy not to use the daily selections then you don't need to renew.

But if you feel that the selections are really helping you make a profit then you can lock in the price that you pay today for future payments.

Q. How much can I make?
A. When it comes to trading this is such a hard one to answer because so much depends on circumstances...But with that said I think once you learn the method and practice what I show you then increasing your bank by 1/2% to 1% a day should be possible (I have recorded a video for members where I made over 2%. This based on 10 tick profitable trades using 1% of your bank as a stake.

Q. Isn't trading a big risk for a small return?

A. This question comes from the mindset of someone who is used to betting to win and is so used to losing their whole stake on nearly every bet that they place they think trading has the same risk. 

It doesn't. 

You are not risking your full stake with trading...

...In fact, if you do it right you are risking 10% of your stake maximum. The only reason we use stakes far higher than what we make is that we need it to execute the trade. 

If you lose your whole stake then you have done something that is not taught in the Favourites Trading Method.

Until Next Time

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