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Your About To Find Out How Trading On Horse Racing Just Got A Whole Lot Easier.

If you have ever tried trading on Horse Racing you probably found it quite difficult.

Knowing when you enter the market or knowing when to get out…

…Even working out how many ticks to make or lose before you close a trade isn’t easy either.

Should you scalp 1 tick?

Or maybe wait for 3 ticks?

Isn’t it better to wait for 5 or even 10 ticks?

What’s the entry point (when should you start the trade)?

should you get in early?…

…Or wait until 10 minutes before the race starts?

Maybe when they are “going down” is the best time?…

Or should you wait for 1 minute before the off?

These are the type of question you will probably be asking all the time as a new or “As Yet” unsuccessful” Trader.

You’re not alone.

Over 90% of traders or bettors never make a penny!

Day after day, Month after Month, Year after year.

They go from one method to another, to another , to another and so on…

…And nothing ever changes.


Because 1 of 2 things are nearly always missing in every method you try.

1. The method is not explained or supported enough to really help you get to grips with the idea.


2. There are no daily selections you are expected to find your own.

Or worse both!

...The method is not explained in great detail...and you are expected to go off and find your own selections.

How bizarre is that?

There are people out there selling their trading methods for £300 + And I know people who haven't even used them!

I am not saying for one moment the methods don't work...But...

They don't even give you any daily tips.

They expect you to trundle through information to find suitable selections yourself...

...When you don't have a clue how to do it!

And that's the first road block...

...The second is often these methods are based around your trade reading skills, when you haven't yet developed any!

Yes they give you videos (Or pictures) of them using the method...

...But it is hardly enough to really give you a chance to really get to grips with each method.

So it ends up you pay your £300+ and take your chances.

I hate to say it but you could be sitting there reading this and "nodding" in agreement.

The worst thing is you could believe it is "Your fault".

You didn't study enough, you didn't trade enough, you didn't select the right runner (Teams or players).

That's a load of crap.

If you have paid a lot of money for a course...

...Then your entitled for all the information you could possibly need to make it work.

Especially if you have paid £200. £300 or even more for the information.

Just in case you don't know...

...My name is Malcolm.

I have been sharing systems and creating software for the Horse Racing market since 2002.

PR Ratings
TTS Software

(are just 2 of them)

And courses like the "Relaxed Trading Method". 

In all that time no one has ever accused me of not giving enough information and videos with my methods.

(TTS Software 40+ Videos, RTM 20+ videos)

That's because I believe that people need all the information they can handle to get the best from my products.

I even make myself available daily in my Facebook group.

And no one has ever accused me of "Overcharging" for my products.

That's why even when I have testimonials like this...

"Mate this system is top drawer, it really is a masterpiece! If you want a testimonial or anything I can do to help, let me know. I hope you're going to charge a lot if money for it? It's the best trading system I've used and I've tried a lot!"

The above testimonial comes from my brand new course called...

The FCS Trading Method and Selections.

"I started off with a fiver stake Thursday last week and are now just over £7 using the 60% reinvestment of winnings."...
Barry (FB Group) 

This course has been specifically put together for those that want the whole package.

They want the daily selections to trade against.

And they want to know exactly how to trade when they use them.

With the FCS Trading Method and Selections you get the following.

* Daily Tips delivered by email and available online everyday (7 days a week)
* 4 very well explained trading methods that include entry and exit points so you know exactly how to use the selections when.

These include the "Tipping Point", "Low Loader", "Mid Range" and "123".
* Videos explaining each of these methods with "Live" examples.

These methods were developed by me to get the best from the daily selections.

Another testomonial

I am still not going to charge you £300+

This is what you get.

The amazing FCS selections for a whole 92 365 days.

These horse racing runners have proved to drop in price time and time again,
(Worth £67 on their own)

Russ on Facebook said about these selections -

“can I buy a packet of the magic dust you used to produce today's selections…”

4 specially perfected methods to make trading this selections easy and repeatable.
"Tipping Point", "1,2,3", Mid Range" and "Low Loader".
(Easily £197 worth of methods)

All 4 of these are easy to learn and make it easy to look at the daily selections and choose which one to trade.

But you will also get video after video explaining each of the 4 trades being used on a live market (15 so far).
(Value £97)

You also get my Trade Growth Plan including the new Snakes & Ladders trading game.
(Valued £47)

Easily worth over £400

Just £268 £97 for a full year of selections and video updates.
These selections have been on sale(In January for £97 for 3 Months)

That's not even 0.27p a day!!!


(Plus the 4 methods, the videos and trade growth sheet.)

Just £97
When you purchase today (365 days of selections).

By ticking this checkbox you agree with the following statement: 
"I understand this is a gambling method that comes with no guarantees it will work for me. Because of this I also understand that it is a "Non-Refundable" purchase and that I paying for you to give me the daily selections with no guarantees that I can get similar results to those shown in information and results provided. I also agree to the Terms and conditions". 
Click Here for T & C (open in new window or tab)

PayPal we don't actively support PayPal but if you wish to use this method then log in to your PayPal account and then select send money. Send £97 it to and add the message "Payment FCS Service".

Questions you may have.

Q. What time are the selections normally available?

A. The selections are normally sent to members at about 09.10 in the morning and will be available on-line at the same time.

Q. Will I automatically get charged after 365 days?

A. No...This is a "One Off" payment...If you would like to follow on then a special price will be available to you after you purchase.

Q. Can I trust automation?

A. Our systems are automated in a number of ways that we have tested and refined over the last 6 years.

Our horse racing feed comes in from a proper source. We don't scrape sites we pay for all our data daily.

Q. How much can I make?

A. This is such a difficult question to answer with trading because there are no many variables involved.

I tend to think of it this way.

You can generally make between 1% and 5% of your bank a day.

That means by using compounding (Re calculating your stake each day) you should be able take a £50 bank to several £1000's in a short time.

It all depends on how you follow the course and how many trades you can do a day.

Q. Why can't I have these tips on a trial? 

A. This selections are not tips and they are just part of the equation. 
The daily selections work with the methods I teach in the course and you need to learn those to get the best from the selections.

I hope that answers all your questions...

...If not you can email me or catch me in Facebook.

Until next time


P.S. Don't forget places and prices are limited!

Please Gamble Responsibly
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