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Negative Trading

Been really busy the last few days and just not had time to write to you...

...But I was determined to get you one out to you today :- )

Today I spent time updating the Dob Software some more.

- Added a cookie-based save system (only holds software info) 

- Added some price ranking information.

I am getting a lot of requests for updates so I guess I will just keep adding them.

One thing I haven't talked about before is what I call "negative" trading.

Negative Betfair Trading

To me, this means laying first, then backing out if the price goes out.

(I have this saying to remember which way to trade:
"Back-down,Lay-up" )

So you could lay-bet at 2.00 and then back-out for 3.00.

If a horse loses a race it would have had a much higher price than it's BSP back price (normally 1000).

There are several issues with this idea.

1. Risk of liability of the original lay-bet
2. Risk of liquidity as the price worsens.
3. Speed of the price getting worse.

This is certainly not a beginners strategy (I don't think I even mention it BCOTM)...

...But it is an interesting one all the same.

When you think of it there are lots of low priced favourites that don't win.

There are also favourites that don't perform so well at the beginning of the race and often have an in-play maximum above the BSP.

(I haven't added in-play max to the Dob Software yet but I think this would be a handy addition to the software.)

I suppose you could use the Dob Software in the opposite way it was intended.

Go for favourites with a low "dob" score...

...Which means it may be a runner that likes to come from behind.

Even if it is successful and wins the race you will probably see the price rise during in-play.

A couple of tips.

- Go for low priced favourites keep you liabilities low.
- Give yourself time to trade. Stay away from short races.

Until next time.

Have fun trading.

The "Cash Out" Guy

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