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New Trading Newsletter

So, as you have shown an interest in either the Betfair “Cash Out” Trading Method or Dob Software ...

...I thought you may be interested in receiving this new Trading Newsletter.

My 1st trading newsletter

It’s not about complicated trades using complex software…

…It’s about using strategies that just about anyone can do with the simple tools and products that I provide.

Most of the talk will be about 5,10 and 15 tick trades (like the ones I teach in the Betfair Cashout Trading Method) but we will also cover Dob Strategies (using the Dob Software) and other in-play ideas.

I love talking about trading and I hope my enthusiasm will come across in these newsletters :- )

(If you don’t want to receive this email then please use the remove me link at the bottom of this email and that will be the last you hear from me.)

Ok on with today's info...

Yesterday I was quite busy and didn’t really get much chance to trade.

I did follow one of the Green arrow strategies that I recently gave to Betfair “Cash Out” Trading Method members.

You basically use the green arrows from the pricing tool to decide you should try a 5 tick trade on a runner.

(Although I can’t reveal the whole idea here (That’s reserved for members) …

Check at around 12 (midday) that the price has continually fallen from its early price and that it has a pretty good Dob history.)

I managed to trade out nearly an hour before the off.

It’s one you may want to look at if you want some simple 5 tick trades.

Not sure if you know but I also added a new “Number of Ticks” to the Pre-Release version of the Dob Software.

When looking at either the horse history or the results, you can now see exactly how many ticks the price moved between BSP and In-play.

Great for finding runners that may not Dob (50% drop in price) but could offer smaller trade opportunities.

Until next time.

Have fun trading.

The "Cash Out" Guy

P.S. Get your hands on my free Dob software.

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