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Just an update on what's happening in the world of "Cash Out".

If you know me then you will also know that I hardly ever promote other peoples products.

But once in a while, something comes along where I think...

..."I should tell my readers about this"

Now before I go on I need to tell you that I  haven't completely finished the course myself yet so this is my first impressions.

BFScalper is a trading course for those that want to learn to scalp trade (Although it contains other strategies as well).

Click Here to read more.

Scalp Trading is where you go for 1 or 2 ticks per trade...

...But you try to make several trades per race.

Now to be truthful I never liked the idea too much myself.

Yes, I do teach methods like this in the Betfair Cash Out Trading Method...

...But generally, we go for 5 ticks or more.

Scalp trading is about getting in and out quickly even when it goes against you.

Because of that, you have to learn a lot of discipline and know how to read the markets quickly.

I have heard a lot about the bfscalper course and as always you get mixed views...

...But I must admit in this case I heard more good than bad.

It was when someone's opinion that I respect told me they were taking the course and making a lot of progress...

...That finally made me decided to get a copy.

First impressions of bfscalper.

There are a lot of lessons in here.

Stuart who created the course goes into a lot of depth about the course, what you can achieve and how to achieve it.

Looking at the negative feedback I found:

I think it was from people that may have joined early and not logged in for a while...

...Because there are now 2 new sections (One only just added) with lots of advanced strategies.

Also, he has updated some of the original videos by the looks of it.

So if you did buy it in the past and haven't looked lately maybe you should.

Click Here to read more.

The first thing I noticed is that Stuart is adamant that you must watch each video and really understand them before going live (with small stakes).

Now here is the thing. I am kind of impatient...

...When I see something new I want to go and try it.

So, I watched the first video and then thought I would have a go totally against Stuart's advice!!!

Of course, I mucked up and had to go back and watch more videos.

The thing is...

...The more videos I watch the better I am getting at his technique.

Trading is about experience (as I am always saying) and this course seems to give you everything you need to learn his technique...

...But you are still going to have to practice to get good enough to make money on a consistent basis.

So far I am really impressed with the number of videos and the way Stuart uses loads of different examples to show you the point he is trying to make.

An example is that Stuart spends a lot of time showing you how to get better at predicting market movements by what's happening with the money.

It's something that to work out yourself is not easy but watching Stuart do it with him explaining how he does it...

...Makes it so much easier :-)

Also the way he sets up his trading tools just makes life easier once you know.

Click Here to find out what you get in the course.

Anyway, for the moment I need to practice more.

Watch out for further episodes of how I am getting on with BFScalper.

Until Next Time


The “Cash Out” guy.
(Making Trading Simple)

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