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How to time your trade

We all get into a trade that goes against us.

The market looks like it's dropping but the moment we take a position it goes against us.

The markets by their very nature will have swings one way and then the other.

Larger amounts of money can easily swing a market and even influence which direction it is going to go either temporarily or for the longer term.

There is no doubt there is a % of the market that follow the money...

...In a way, as a trader, you are doing just that.

You are watching where the money is going and then you are going to position yourself hoping the market will keep going in the same direction.

Unless of course, you think you can predict an opposite change in the market.

Learning to time your trades can be quite useful.

I talk about this in the BCOTM where there are certain times when the markets seem more volatile than others.

During the morning we often see a price slowly coming in the problem is this can be influenced by very small amounts of stakes.

Even your own (if it is big enough) could change the market direction.

10 minutes before the off is generally where you start seeing a lot of money coming into the markets and you will often see a runners price change direction at around this point.

5 minutes before (or when the runners start going down) is another good marker of when prices may change.

I put this down to the punters viewing the runners and deciding if it looks good or not.

"At the post" I think is when you may get characters dumping large amounts of money into the market often influencing where the market is going.

I say "characters" because I don't want to accuse any one group of punters but when you see the price change here you know something weird has happened.

Then, of course, you have in-play where basically anything can happen :- )

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Until next time.

Don't forget: We are traders, not gamblers.

The "Cash Out" Guy

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Cash Out Trading Method

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