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Swing or Scalp Trader

I never think it is a good idea to class your self as a certain type of trader...

...But I think it is worth knowing the difference so at least you know what you are trying to achieve.

Basically, the difference is:

A scalper is looking for small movements in price more often.

I am probably a definition of a scalper. I tend to go for smaller trades.

In fact, if it was more "sexy" (and I could make people realise the potential) I would advocate...

...1 to 5 tick trades all day long (5 seems to be the least amount I can get away with).

I haven't got the patience to wait too long to make a profit and I am probably quite easily worried that I am going to lose any profit I have the chance to green up on.

This type of trading can be done with a lot less research and even actioned on a quick view of the market.

This is the type of trading I tend to cover in BCOTM and I will continue to add new quick trade methods.

Although I suspect some of what I show could be used for Swing Trading as well.

A Swing trader on the other hand...

...Is someone who is looking for larger tick trades often 10 ticks but probably nearer 15 or more.

Really swing trades need a lot more research because you are looking for opportunities where there is likely to be a big swing in prices.

The Dob Software is an ideal place to start.

You could also be studying the markets differently because you are looking at how one runner's price is being affected by others and looking longer term.

In-play trading will probably be a strategy you use as well and could even include Dobs.

You will be waiting in the market trying to gain as much profit as possible before you have to totally trade out.

OK, so I do, do this type of trading as well I just prefer scalping, although the Dob Software is helping identify potential swing trades.

I suspect at the end of the day you start off with scalp trades and as your skills improve you will just naturally want to improve and look for trades with a larger swing.

That's why I always say start with 
BCOTM then move onto the Dob Software

Until next time.

Don't forget: We are traders, not gamblers.

The "Cash Out" Guy

P.S. Just on another note I know it's not trading but I have also changed the license on the Dutch Software for this weekend only as well!

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P.S.S. If you are new to trading then you may be better off starting with the Betfair "Cash Out" Trading Method (BCOTM).

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