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In-play trading tips

Lately (thanks to the Dob software ) I am doing a lot more in-play trading...

I must warn you though that I see it more as an advanced strategy because there are some things you really need to think about before attempting them yourself.

Decide before.

I think you should be very clear before your trading day starts which runners you are going to use for an in-play trades.

Randomly picking runners is not the way to go.

Research the runner.

The Dob software shows there are 100's of selections every day that you can pick to trade...

...But you really want to pick ones that have a history of dropping in price in running.

Take SP.

Unless you are lucky enough to get a price higher than SP (Which would only happen if the runner's price was dropped rapidly after you started the trade) before the off then the best price to take is SP.

This ensures you have the highest price to trade against once you go in-play.

Give yourself time

Races of 7f or more give you more time to trade and are less frantic than 5f and 6f races.

A 5f race can be over very quickly so unless you have a very good reason to be on the runner I would avoid them

Stop loss

Have a clear indication of when you are going to get out.

The in-play market can go against you quickly so be prepared to cash out quickly if things start to go wrong. 

Saying all that there can be a lot of profit trading in-play especially if you are lucky enough to pick the runner that goes on to win.

Another reason why research is important.

It's not a strategy I would recommend to BCOTM members unless they also have a copy of the 

How to find selections using the Dob software 

Let me give you a couple of tips to find potential successful ones.

The best place I think is to start with favourites with a price of 2.00 to 3.5

So if you have the full version of the 
Dob software then filter first of all by 11 am rank.

Now change the "No of Dobbs 50% +" from 3 to 50

Next change the "% score" to >= 50%

Ok, a couple of minutes before the off make sure they are still favourite and trading somewhere between 2.00 and 3.00.

They could be ripe for a trade (often even a Dob).

Don't forget I have changed the 
Dob software license back to a full 365 Days over the weekend.

Check out all the amazing feedback I have been getting on this software here:

Until next time.

Don't forget: We are traders, not gamblers.

The "Cash Out" Guy

P.S. Just on another note I know it's not trading but I have also changed the license on the Dutch Software for this weekend only as well!

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