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If You Want Simple and a "Nearly Risk-Free" way of Trading Then Read on...

I had an email turn up in my inbox a few days ago that said something along the lines of:

Risk-Free betting…

This system is completely risk-free all you have to do is wait for the right moment to put your bet into the market and then a few seconds later you can trade out risk-free..

Sounded interesting…

…But the only problem is nothing can be Risk-Free” when it comes to trading.

- What if the market didn’t turn the way you were expecting it to?

- What if you put the bet into the market and then lost your internet connections so you couldn’t trade out?

- What if Betfair went down?

There are plenty of reasons why any bet isn’t risk-free.

But you could have “Nearly Risk-Free”…

…And I want to tell you about a method that is as close to “Nearly Risk-Free” as you could get.

It based around a little button Betfair added to their site called “Cash Out.

Before this button was available the only way you could trade was with complicated software.... 

Complicated Trading Software
(Please note: This is only a representation of trading software and not aimed at any one solution)

...or doing loads of calculations on your calculator while trying to work out what to do next.

You felt like you needed a Ph.D.

You felt like you needed a PhD just to understand what you had to do.

You could often miss trades simply because it took you too long to make the calculation!

"BTW, I have had a go at trading today for the first time using the "Cash Out "button on Betfair and looking at ....(hidden)... and I have not had a losing trade. 

One, I had to scratch for a break even trade, but using the button I have done better than I ever did, using specialised trading software such as xxxxx  (which I find confusing)..."

I am sure you have tried it yourself in the past...

But then Betfair created the “Cash Out” button.

betfair cash out

Suddenly everything became so much easier…

You could put your first bet into the market and then just wait...

...Until Betfair said you could “Cash Out” for profit.

- No more software that you had to learn.
- No more calculations that you needed to fiddle with.
- Just a simple button that read “Cash Out”.

Well, it sounds simple…

...But, as with everything, it’s not quite that easy.

Well it is when you know exactly what to do!!!

And that that’s why I created the Betfair™ “Cash Out” trading method.

"I bought the cash out trading product on the 1 day it was out on sale.
I made a profit of 20 pounds in this 2 days.
I use £20 a trade with £200 bank. The tips list Malcolm gives in the morning make it all simple and straight forward.

Great product as he sends you the list so you know which runner to trade with.
The product is fantastic.
Other products on the market are also good but you have no idea whitch runner to trade on and it all gets too complex with software and charts to find the runner to trade on. ..- this product is the best one because of the list or runners we get daily.

This method has:

* Easy to follow.
* Easy horse selection method (From the daily selections)
* Easy trading rules (mainly use the Cash out button!)
* Back bet first (So you are not risking a "lay" liability if anything goes wrong)
* Low start-up cost (You can start trading with as little as *£5, probably less!)

I have made it as “Nearly Risk-Free” as possible by only selecting runners for you that have a good chance of winning, so if something does go wrong you may still recover your stake.

And I have even made that easy...

...By giving you a link that automatically gives you the selections in the morning.

The Betfair "Cash Out" Trading method has been gradually put together by 100 of hours of using the “Cash Out” button.

Every day you get a number of selections you could trade on.

10 mins before the horse race starts...

...You have a quick check that the selection meets some further criteria.

If it does you place the bet on the market and just wait.

As soon as you see profit appear on the "cash out" button you click it and trade out.

Your cash out was successful!

You can then move on to the next selection or finish on the first positive trade.
It’s that simple.

The Betfair “Cash Out” Trading method includes all the information you need to start straight away.

* No more high risk bets (Will you win or lose)
* No more high risks lay bets (How much can you lose!)

Best of all you can start this method with as little as £5.00 in your Betfair account (probably less) and just gradually build up your bank and stake every day.

You can "Cash Out" on trades as low as £2.00 (£1 since the Betfair minimum price drop)!
You can cash out on trades as low as 2.00

Some simple trades using the method.

The Betfair “Cash Out” Trading method is all about “Lowest Risk Possible” and even the trade outs are small so we spend the least amount of time in the markets that we can.

What you get with the Betfair "Cash Out" Trading Method:

1. PDF manual explaining the method and how to select the runners (Includes, everything you need to know).
2. Video's showing you how to use the method on Betfair (26 so far showing multiple successful trades).
3. Screenshots of successful trades (Exactly how I did it).
4. Special Tips Link with the daily selections (7 days a week for 365 days)
5. Daily "Price Movement" guide (New bonus which shows you price movements of runners great for spotting early trades. Worth £47 on it's own).
6. Tick Calculator. Quickly work out your trades to see how much you can make.
7. Profit Spreadsheet. Keep a track of your trades. 
8. 92-day profit plan. Easy plan to follow to grow your trading profit £25.99 Bonus.
9. New! Australian Morning Market trading (2 new videos so far).
10. New! "How to" report. Get (Almost) Free money into your Betfair account!
11. New! Football Trading Strategy guide. (5 different strategies)

Price Movement tool Update to include Dobbin Statistics.
Update price movement tool

"Hi Malcolm, My 1st day, I picked 4 trades and had 4  wins. Thanks, John"

Because the Betfair "Cash Out" Trading Method is a "method" rather than a system I decided to keep the price low.

I have made it as simple to follow as I can s
o that you can get started quickly...

...But even so if you have never traded or used the "Cash Out" button before there will still be a small learning curve.

Also, the Betfair "Cash Out" Trading Method is not a "high profit" system that you can expect to earn big amounts from big winners.

This method is for those that have the patience to start small and gradually grow their banks as they get used to the system.

It's for those that can look after their money and be prepared to lose a small amount sometimes when a trade may go against them.

Even so, I still think it is worth £97 easily...(and I have sold it at that price!)

 just £47
(This price must rise shortly back to £97)

Betfair “Cash Out” Trading method

Just £97 £47
when you purchase today.

By ticking this checkbox you agree with the following statement:
I understand this is a gambling method that comes with no guarantees it will work for me. Because of this I also understand that it is a "Non-Refundable" purchase and that I paying for the PDF, videos, daily selections and information outlining the Betfair "Cash Out" trading Method with no guarantees I can get similar results to those shown in the PDF and videos. The free tips are provided for 365 days from the date pf purchase. 

PayPal we don't actively support PayPal but if you wish to use this method then log in to your PayPal account and then select send money. Send it to and add the message "Payment for BCOTM".

Questions about the Betfair "Cash Out" Method.

Q. How does it work?

A. Well, I can't give you all the details here but basically, you are trading on the price movements of the market. We place a bet into the market and then get ready to "Cash Out" when we see profit.

Q. Does the runner I select have to win?

A. No, we are not betting on the outcome of the race. The Betfair "Cash Out" button allows us to make a profit (if the market moves in our favour) whether the runner wins or not.

Q. What are the maximum losses?

A. Your maximum loss would be the stake you first put into the market but if you follow the guide you should never lose your whole stake. This is trading not gambling we want to get out of the market even before the race starts.

Q. Do I have to load Betfair and follow the races?

A. Yes, this is a manual process where you need to place the first bet and then click the "Cash Out" when you feel it is appropriate.

Q. How long do you provide the free daily tips for?

A. You get a full 1 year of the daily tips. (after the one year you will have the opion to carry on getting them for a small charge).

Q. Roughly how many trades to you get a day?

A. The average is about 5...But I also give several different methods so there will be some days where you could probably do 10 or more.

Q. What bank size do I need?

A. The idea behind trading is that you never lose your whole stake (although you could if a trade-out isn't made) so unlike conventional betting where you lose everything you should be able to operate with a bank as low as *£10.

Q. How much can I make?

A. What profit you can make does depend on a number of factors.
How many trades you get a day
How many are successful
The actual profit you make on each the trade.

If you follow the Betfair "Cash Out" trading method then you will be making about 5% of your stake on each trade.

I include a spreadsheet that shows you how with stakes as small as £2.00 and having one successful trade per day you can build up to £169 stakes within just 90 days.

If you have any other questions then please let me know before you purchase.

Just email

Until Next Time.

The "Cash Out" Guy

P.S. I can not keep the Betfair "Cash Out" Trading Method at this price for long.

It's obvious it is worth far more than £47 and will shortly go up to £97.

So don't miss out.

* Based on Betfair's lowest stake of £1. Please remember this is gambling and any bank or stake placed into the market could be fully lost.

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